HAS Synchronized lifting systems

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HAS Synchronized lifting systems


  • Allows the operation of up to 64 hydraulic actuators or jacks from one pump.
  • Ultrasonic measurement, wire transducers or internal inductive stroke detectors.
  • Sensors feedback to a PLC controller and touchscreen or laptop control LCD display.
  • The system provides the ability for one operator to actuate jacks in number of configurations to perform lifting, pushing, pulling or lowering of loads synchronously.
  • The PLC unit automatically adjusts the flow rate from the pump to ensure an uneven stroke rate from each jack.
  • Jacks working up to 700 bar working pressure with varying strokes and tonnages.


PLC Touchscreen


  • The system will evenly lift, lower, push or pull offset loads.
  • Programmable to allow for variable jacking point heights.
  • Programmable to lift, push, pull or lower to a pre-determined height or distance.
  • Safe, it provides remote control operation.
  • Data logging available to record strokes and loads of each cylinder during long periods of time, at user configured intervals.


Laptop operated systems include the possibility to record data: position and pressure of each jack during long periods of time, showing graphs of the movement, with the possibility to export the data to a spreadsheet format.

50 Hz 3 phase
OutletsTankFlow at 700 bar230V
4 100 0,34 HAS41762 HAS41772 HAS41764 HAS41774 2,2
0,60 HAS42762 HAS42772 HAS42764 HAS42774 3,0
0,76 HAS43762 HAS43772 HAS43764 HAS43774 4,0
0,94 HAS44762 HAS44772 HAS44764 HAS44774 5,5
2,10 HAS45762 HAS45772 HAS45764 HAS45774 11,0
150 0,34 HAS41862 HAS41872 HAS41864 HAS41874 2,2
0,60 HAS42862 HAS42872 HAS42864 HAS42874 3,0
0,76 HAS43862 HAS43872 HAS43864 HAS43874 4,0
0,94 HAS44862 HAS44872 HAS44864 HAS44874 5,5
2,10 HAS45862 HAS45872 HAS45864 HAS45874 11,0
6 100 0,34 HAS61762 HAS61772 HAS61764 HAS61774 3,0
0,60 HAS62762 HAS62772 HAS62764 HAS62774 5,5
0,76 HAS63762 HAS63772 HAS63764 HAS63774 7,5
150 0,34 HAS61862 HAS61872 HAS61864 HAS61874 3,0
0,60 HAS62862 HAS62872 HAS62864 HAS62874 5,5
0,76 HAS63862 HAS63872 HAS63864 HAS63874 7,5
8 150 0,60 HAS82862 HAS82872 HAS82864 HAS82874 7,5
0,94* HAS84862 HAS84872 HAS84864 HAS84874 7,5